Dear Colleagues;

Türkiye has pursued a restructuring of its energy supply system with the aim of rationalising and localizing energy demand growth, aiming to lower the energy prices for consumers and slowing the pace of import based growth.

Türkiye has been able to establish considerable diversification of its energy mix in the past decade. In particular, renewable energy has staged impressive growth, with renewable electricity generation tripling in the past

Hydropower is an important share of energy supply from clean and renewable resources. Due to long standing experience, hydropower is a highly developed and reliable technology.

The significance of dams & hydropower will increase in the future enabling the transition to a climate-friendly electricity production along with increasing energy storage needs.

The Dams & HydroPower Turkiye Summit operated by Hydroelectrical Powerplants Business People Association (HESİAD) shows that hydropower has the unique ability and potential to supply, store, and regulate energy levels in electrical power grids. Grid operators are increasingly utilising the flexibility of storage power plants to stabilise the electrical grid. To meet the demands and new challenges, the existing hydropower technologies must be developed further for the future generations.

The Dams & HydroPower Turkiye Summit is a powerful relationship-building and marketing opportunity, giving attendees access to hard-to-reach executives representing some of the world’s most influential officials and organizations.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition and hope to establish a long-term business relationship.

Elvan Tuğsuz Güven